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"What?~ I told you like fishes need bait to get hooked up from the waters. You've captured me and now you need to take responsibility and eat me!" his arms hugged her body closely.


Chen Mu did a countdown in his head as he passed by the labs and patient rooms. Nurses walked hurriedly up and down the hall with charts in their hands to attend to other patients. Out of all the times that he's spent his days visiting the labs, never had he ever realized how fast people moved. It was as if time was passing by way too quick.


"That's weird...I swear I saw something from this video." She scratched her head and rewatched her video. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


She purposely lured Karen out of her true shell and made her reveal her colorful arrogant nature. Liang Yu Qing quickly told Susu to put away her handbag in case it gets dirtied from the dishes that are about to arrive any minute. With a smile on her face, Susu asked the waiter to bring her another chair and placed the handbag onto it.


That smile, that kiss, and that loving voice that she used to confess to him almost gave him a heart attack. It took him by surprise. So surprising that he pinched his own cheeks to make sure it hurt. So surprising that he touched her face, watched and heard the girl's mouth repeat, "Chen Mu. I love you too. Should we try dating?"


"Huh? But you didn't even drin-... You.. you go back to work!" She blushed, recalling that kiss from earlier. 'He didn't drink the tea! It was from that kiss!'

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She rolled him over and sat on top of him as her fingers played around with his boner. His husky voice aroused her interest to making him feel good. With minimal experience, her hands clumsily slid up and down his penis. While allowing her to explore on her own, he would release a pleasurable groans when she stroked the right spots.


Everyone's eyes were sharp and scanning every inch of her body as Professor Luo Xia handed the portfolio back to his assistant. "I think everyone would love to know how I got my hands on her art portfolio. Not only were these designs on her self promoted webpage, she used these designs to pass the admissions exam for Paris Institute. I first noticed the odd initials on these designs after zooming in and out of them for so many times."


She was sharp with her instincts. Xin Ya knew that Chen Mu was not the type who would do things half heartedly. For him to suddenly, become the top of the legendary genius in the medical field worried her. Exactly because of his personality, if he suffered from any diseases, he would most likely hide it from them so that they wouldn't be worried. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Auntie Shen Wen, if uncle chose to believe another woman over you and had countlessly accused you for things that you've never done before to the point where your heart died already, do you think the word, forgive, will be in your dictionary? Betrayal, distrust, accusation and every other harmful word that I could use from the dictionary to describe what your son had done to me are the reasons why I changed to who I am now."


Right after the call, he felt physically and mentally drained. He was exhausted and even thought that his old self was pretty impressive to have dealt with Karen's crying. How did he have such patience and what made her so special that he doted on her in the past? The year that she left him without a goodbye, gave him a great opportunity to see things differently.


Susu opened the box and felt the soft fabric of her new white off shoulder dress. Quickly, she slipped into the dress and combed her slightly waved hair. The white dress hugged her body and brought out her beautiful curves while illuminating her skin. Her glossy, moisturized, rose colored lips looked alluringly kissable and her big round eyes looked seducing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Also, if she really climbed from one bed to another, then it wouldn't have taken me years to get this woman to fall for me. It took me so much effort to seduce her that I'm not even joking. Therefore, watch your words when you spit out false accusations and make up harmful rumors. I am in a good mood today to not take legal actions. This is the only warning you'll receive from me, Tian Yuo. If you say things like that in the future, I will end our friendship and have my lawyers at your door."



Meanwhile, Lily jumped into Lin Que's arms. With his doting nature, how could he continue pretending to be the jealous fiance and in the rejecting hug pose? His arms spread to let her fall comfortably in his arms.



His arms wrapped around her body, as he bent forward and whispered to her ears, "It's true, though. With you by my side for the rest of every day, everything is perfect. 2020 perfections. Get it?"


"Of course! The head of our hospital is very strict when it comes to medicine. Every week, nurses are required to participate in medical sessions sponsored by the hospital that goes over the newest products launched in the markets and the ones that we are going to stock up in the inventory. This pill is a new product that no other hospitals would have in their inventory. Only we have it."


Zi Yan had her own thoughts in mind as she didn't like wasting her energy in making humans disappear. She detested the fact that such vicious people exist, but she could only punish them for what they've done to either her or her family. It's been a long time since she last made a move on someone.

  • Susu smiled, "I want to know about my mother and father's story. From how they've met and if my mother had other family members. I want to know many things, but we can use this as the starting point."
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